Aston 50 years anniversary celebration weekend

Short description: An event on raising awareness of research about intelligent machines, entitled “What makes machines intelligent?”. Approximately 200 participants. EXCELL was presented on a poster as an example industrial application. 

Cognitive science and computational intelligence at Aston University: a celebration of research and social impact. The presentation was delivered to the general public in two sessions with 48 attendees in total.

Place: Birmingham, UK

Date(s): 23-24 April 2016

Decision support in logistics

Supply Chain Management: An International Journal

Journal publication (2015)

Ilie-Zudor, E.; Ekárt, A.; Kemény, Zs.; Buckingham, C.D.; Welch, P.G.; Monostori, L.: Advanced predictive-analysis-based decision support for collaborative logistics networks, Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, vol. 20, no. 4, pp. 369-388, 2015, (ISSN: 1359-8546) (DOI: 10.1108/SCM-10-2014-0323)

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