Monitoring and control framework for business processes in ubiquitous environments

Business processes in production and logistics need to be monitored in order to comply with official regulations, to schedule and plan the production or transport route, to ensure quality and find errors, but also to optimize the process itself. Often this monitoring needs to be done in real-time, e.g.

66th CIRP General Assembly

Short description: International Conference on Advanced Manufacturing Research, Practices and Opportunities in Serbia – Horizon 2020/2030 – INDUSTRY 4. 0. 0 Serbian Program. Presentation title: Challenges of Cyber-Physical Production Systems – a Hungarian View

Place: Guimaraes, Portugal

Date(s): 21-27 August 2016

Participants:  SZTAKI

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EXCELL consortium present at CARV 2016 conference in Bath

The hyperconnected manufacturing systems laboratory of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at University of Bath is organising the sixth conference on Changeable, Agile, Reconfigurable and Virtual Production (CARV).

EXCELL partners will present a paper on some of the project's priority research topics titled "Efficiency and security of process transparency in production networks: a view of expectations, obstacles and potentials".

Main themes of the conference will cover: 

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