EXCELL foresees the collaboration of academics from 4 European countries (Hungary, Germany, UK, Belgium) in the multidisciplinary topic of Big Data Applications for Cyber-Physical Systems in Production and Logistics Networks.

The main scientific and innovation focus of EXCELL was devised both from world-wide tendencies and local requirements (expressed by the regional smart specialization strategies-S3), departing from the present competences of the cooperating partners (SZTAKI, Fraunhofer-FIT, Aston and KU Leuven). 

Main project actions focus on:

  • Knowledge acceleration through transnational secondments and training sessions in 8 selected Priority Research Fields (PRFs) and 6 Complementary Skills,
  • Supporting exploitation of research results and user-driven innovation,
  • Augmenting scientific impact actions through key publications and active participation in the scientific discourse,
  • Dissemination and sustainable innovation.

The 8 PRFs are:
  - PRF1: Cyber-Physical Systems and Human System Interaction 
  - PRF2: Business-based Internet of Things and Services 
  - PRF3: Next-generation Authentication and Authorization Solutions
  - PRF4: Enhanced Context-aware Services 
  - PRF5: Cognitive modelling and social networking approaches 
  - PRF6: Data mining
  - PRF7: Data interoperability
  - PRF8: Tracking and tracing

EXCELL Project's Priority Research Fields

The 6 Complementary Skills that are the subject of training actions include:
  - Technology transfer and results deployment to industry,
  - Emotional intelligence,
  - Motivating others,
  - Personal impact,
  - Stress management for managers, and
  - Hands-on experience by using and contributing to software tools.