Introduction to the thematic issue on Intelligent systems, applications and environments for the industry of the future


Recent advances in the area of ubiquitous computing, ambient intelligence and intelligent environments are making inroads in business-oriented application domains. This issue of JAISE addresses core topics on the design, use and evaluation of smart applications and systems for the factory of the future, an emerging trend perhaps better known as Industry 4.0. The digital transformation in the enterprise envisioned by Industry 4.0 will entwine the cyber-physical world and real world of manufacturing to deliver networked production with enhanced process transparency. Production systems, data analytics and cloudenabled business processes will interact directly with customers to realize the ambitious goal of single lot individualized manufacturing. This thematic issue features a survey and 5 research articles which address the modeling, designing, implementation, assessment and management of intelligent systems, applications and environments that will shape and advance the smart industry of the future.

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Article in Journal
Davy Preuveneers and Elisabeth Ilie-Zudor
Journal or equivalent: 
Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments
Number, date: 
vol. 9, no. 3
IOS Press
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