Industry 4.0: Mining Physical Defects in Production of Surface-Mount Devices


With the advent of Industry 4.0, production processes have been endowed with intelligent cyber-physical systems generating massive amounts of streaming sensor data. Internet of Things technologies have enabled capturing, managing, and processing production data at a large scale in order to utilize this data as an asset for the optimization of production processes. In this work, we focus on the automatic detection of physical defects in the production of surfacemount devices. We show how to build a classification model based on random forests that efficiently detects defect products with a high degree of precision. In fact, the results of our preliminary experimental analysis indicate that our approach is able to correctly determine defects in a simulated production environment of surface-mount devices with a MCC score of 0.96. We investigate the feasibility of utilizing this approach in realistic settings. We believe that our approach will help to advance the production of surface-mount devices.

Type of publication: 
Conference paper
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ISSN 1864-9734
Farshid Tavakolizadeh, José Ángel Carvajal Soto, Dávid Gyulai, Christian Beecks
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17th Industrial Conference on Data Mining ICDM 2017
Number, date: 
July 12-16, 2017
Ibai Pubilshing
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New York, USA