EXCELL project presented in Lecce at workshop on technology innovation and inter-disciplinary collaboration

MTA SZTAKI was invited to present the EXCELL project together with other innovative IT initiatives at the workshop held in Lecce (Italy) on the 22-nd July, 2016, which was organized by the Collaborative Product Development Management - cPDM - Lab of the Universita' del Salento, within the framework of "The role of collaboratively created knowledge in multi-disciplinary industrial environments".

The aim of the workshop was to investigate the opportunities for research collaborations among the invited institutes and organizations, as the contemporary European development and growth challenges can be faced only through interdisciplinary and inter-industries collaborations.  The workshop intended to create new, knowledge-based, European relationships, in order to broaden innovation and the technological scope of the CPDM action, as well as to increase and widen the impact of the business competencies and capabilities and to promote the CPDM network as an and-to-end system, from the research to the market.