EXCELL Flipboard

EXCELL project on Flip-board

The first version of the EXCELL Flipboard magazine is ready and is centred on a set of topics on Industry 4.0 and EXCELL project related topics covering Industry 4.0, logistics, manufacturing, Big Data, security, the Internet of Things and Cyber Physical Systems.

The magazine covers both scientific articles and technological news from around the world. The first version is now available, with continuous updates throughout the whole project period. 

EXCELL flipboard magazine is available at: https://flipboard.com/@davypreuveneers/excell-stg0fup6y 

or by clicking on the Flipboard icon on the top-right corner of the EXCELL web-site's front page (as reported on the picture below).

Access EXCELL Flipborad Magazine

Flipboard magazine is avaialble both on desktop web browsers and Android tablets.