Data Science Training

Day 2 of EXCELL consortium meeting, Thursday 11th of May 2017, will be dedicated to Data Science Training with lectures and practical works.

The course will develop as follows:

Introduction to Data Science

  1. Importance, applications & usage in Business
    1. Finance & banking, Social sciences & healthcare, Sales & Marketing
      1. Explanation of use cases and real world examples
  2. Strategy & Business Intelligence
  3. Data Science vs. Data Mining vs. Machine learning
    1. Overview of Data Mining & Machine Learning
    2. Data Science & Business Strategy
    3. Evolving industry needs
  4. Data Science vs Artificial Intelligence
    1. Logical Explanation
    2. Peculiarities of human behaviour
      1. Different Decision Making process depending on level of knowledge
      2. Unexpected behaviours & unexplained knowledge
      3. Data informativeness dynamism
    3. A cognitive approach to data Science
  5. Overview of Data Science software skills & platform

During the course the following topics will be discussed:



Getting to know each other and understanding students’ familiarity with Data Science


What is data & how and where data can be used to help

Groupwork, discussion, little task

Data Science – what is it? – short history


Importance & application in Business and Industry


Strategy & Business Intelligence


Thinking of new applications of Data Science within your area of interest & Expertise based on the information provided

Group exercise



Data Science Vs. Data Mining Vs. Machine Learning



Small Exercise on how business strategy changes data mining and & machine learning techniques

Group Exercise

Short recap on what has been learnt


Short break


Artificial Intelligence & Data Science


Case studies of Data Science within Artificial Intelligence.

Group exercise

Short break


Overview of Data Science programming/software skills & Platforms


Wrap up & Direction for further studies final questions


Training leader: Dr Ali Rezaei Yazdi

Dr Ali Rezaei Yazdi - EXCELL Data Science Training

Ali obtained his BSc, MSc and PhD from Aston University. He is a member of the Aston Lab for Intelligent Collectives Engineering (ALICE). Ali's research is on extracting cognitive knowledge from data and producing decision making and classification models, and more broadly in the area of Data Science and its utilisation in Artificial Intelligence.

Thursday, May 11, 2017