Cloud-based manufacturing (CBM) interoperability in Industry 4.0


Cloud computing (CC) is generating new compute and business models thanks to its service-based nature, which enables collaboration and data exchange at higher level, more flexibility with better efficiency and parallel decreasing costs. Manufacturing environments can also benefit from cloud technology and follow fast changes in market demands. In these new scenarios interoperability has vital importance in the operation and interaction among industrial realizations of the Cyber-physical Systems. The paper introduces the different cloud models and the interoperability issues concerning connected enterprise information systems. Various standardization frameworks have been developed for homogeneous integration of IT models in industrial environments: the IIRA and the RAMI 4.0 are the best known. The paper introduces both of architectures, their methodological approach to industrial integration efforts and how integration feasibility might find realization through the OPC Unified Architecture. Last but not least, the authors propose a basic conceptual model for cloud

You can download a pre-print version of the manuscript here (PDF).

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Book Chapter
Gianfranco Pedone and István Mezgár
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Technological Developments in Industry 4.0 for Business Applications
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IGI Global - Handbook of Research on Emerging Developments in Industry 4.0
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